Testicular Cancer Awareness Month


Testicular Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in April of each year


About Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men ages 15-35 years, but men of all ages can be at risk.

Testicular cancer is of special concern to young men. It’s less common in middle-aged and older men. Caucasian men are about 5 times more likely to develop testicular cancer than African American men. The rate among Hispanic men lies between those of African Americans and Caucasians.

In the U.S., over 8,500 cases are diagnosed each year, and almost 400 males die of testicular cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, the average age of diagnosis is about age 33.

Most testicular cancer awareness organizations recommend that males conduct regular self-exams. Instructions for self exams can be found here.

You can learn more about testicular cancer at the Men’s Health Resource Center.

You can download free brochures in English and Spanish at the Men’s Health Library.
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Warning, the videos on this page may contain mature content and may be inappropriate for some users.

Some of the videos are produced by the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and Ballboys, a testicular cancer charity.

The Ask Dr. Oz segment is produced by the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Awareness activities

You can help.

Encourage your governor and local officials to issue a Testicular Cancer Awareness Month proclamation.  A sample proclamation is found here.


Men’s Health Network
Men’s Health Network is dedicated to promoting testicular cancer awareness through community outreach, workplace, and faith-based activities, online health information, and educational products and programs.

Save The Doodads
Save the Doodads is dedicated to fighting testicular cancer through health education and promotion, early detection methods, and advocacy. 

Men’s Health Initiative
Promotes awareness of testicular cancer through research and advocacy. … more

Mr Testicles
Is the founding Charity champion for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. His job is to raise awareness and reduce embarrassment of Testicular Cancer.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation
Fights testicular cancer through awareness and outreach, promoting the importance of monthly self-exams for early detection, support and guidance to patients and families.

Testicular Cancer Canada
Dedicated to giving men the tools to catch testicular cancer early, while acting as a support community for those who are and have been affected through our awareness & educational programs.

Testicular Cancer Foundation
Provides education and support to young men to raise awareness about testicular cancer,

Testicular Cancer Society
Dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the disease and providing support for fighters, survivors and caregivers.

Your Privates
An Orchid campaign. Orchid exists to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through a range of support services, pioneering research and promoting awareness.

Resources and additional information about testicular cancer

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
The leading center of testicular cancer research and information.

American Cancer Society
Provides basic information on prostate cancer and yearly statistics on almost all cancers.

Men’s Health Resource Center
The online health and parenting information center for men and boys.

Men’s Health Library
A comprehensive on-line library that covers all aspects of men’s health, including testicular cancer issues. Site includes a selection of brochures on testicular cancer, some in Spanish (search: testicular brochure).

Family Medical Tree
By tracking the health of your parents, siblings, and other relatives with a family medical tree, you and your health care provider have a useful tool to help determine your risk for cancers and many other diseases.

Talking About Men’s Health
Blogging on the Health and Wellbeing of Men and Boys, featuring articles by the thought leaders in male health, including those associated with key health associations.

State of Men’s Health
A comprehensive report on the health and wellbeing of men and boys in each state, including current prostate cancer incidence and mortality data.

An online took-kit designed to help you host a Wear BLUE day to raise awareness and money for education about men’s need to seek regular checkups. Your event may feature prostate health education or other health issues that affect men and boys. (Cardiovascular disease, skin cancer, lung cancer, diabetes, gout, testicular cancer, and more.)

Wear blue logo

This Digital Training Manual is meant to serve as a guide so you can plan, conduct and evaluate your own health event, no matter what size. This can be a screening event, a health fair, a table exhibit at work, where you worship, or where you play sports, or distribution of health information materials to your coworkers, fellow worshipers, team members, or loved ones.


Features a wide variety of educational materials relating to men’s health, including brochures and other merchandise designed for testicular cancer awareness.

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